Enter 2022: The Woke Kaiserschlacht

The year of the Empire of Lies is nearly over. It was the humiliating, degrading experience we expected. Appropriately, the year ended with the return of the dancing nurses, who mysteriously aren’t needed in the hospitals for the “omicron surge.”

But here’s the thing, the Empire of Lies has not worked well. You just saw the reason why. This regime is so incompetent and sensually, as opposed to intellectually, embarrassing, that they can’t do their own propaganda properly.

Artful propaganda must convince its audience that the regime is competent (and worth respecting or fearing) and that what it does is for the public’s own good. The Brandon Administration’s Empire of Lies is nothing of the sort. The weakness of its figurehead (who is decaying in front of our eyes – compare him now to even January) and the bumbling idiocy of its woke staff (which is comprised of Obama’s C-team), make it impossible to respect or fear at a visceral level. This is why “Let’s Go Brandon!” exploded as a meme. That would not have been the case with Obama or Trump.

All that’s left, then, is the ritual humiliation, the demoralization that comes with forcing the public to participate in things it knows are lies. This is not a sustainable situation. All it does is anger the population. Demoralization by itself is not a long-term strategy. It didn’t need to be this way.

If the Brandon Administration had simply stuck to the course they charted in the early summer, where vaccinated people could live as they had been before covid, they would not be in this mess. Instead, as I predicted, they panicked and continued with the hysteria, and as I predicted, this decision burst their bubble. The bubble would have always collapsed, of course. It was, however, in their power to choose between a slow, steady decline or a crash. They chose the crash.

The mummy failed to uphold his central campaign promise to “shut down the virus.” Meanwhile, his other policies and communication style make him unpopular anyway. This is why his real approval is in the 30s, and even the corporate media can’t cover it up. The Seventh Party System realignment, which portends a difficult voter coalition for Democrats to win with, is accelerating.

The cat’s out of the bag. This regime is a disaster in every single sense of the word. It is what the corporate media said the Trump administration would be. America is leaderless. Everyone knows it, both at home, and abroad.

Defeat is on the way. That doesn’t mean that the regime is not dangerous, however. Indeed, 2022 is going to be more dangerous than 2021, at least at first. Democrats have shown themselves incapable of learning. Many simply won’t care that defeat is on its way (more on that later). As long as they serve the people they truly want to serve – affluent, high social capital white professionals that skew female and unmarried – they don’t care about anyone else.

It is with this in mind that you should approach the theme of 2022 – the woke Kaiserschlhact. What does this mean? For that, let’s take a trip back in time to World War I.

The Kaiserschlacht of Spring 1918

In early 1918, Germany looked poised for a triumph in the First World War. It succeeded in knocking Russia out of the conflict on the most favorable terms possible with the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk. This treaty secured for Germany 90% of Russia’s coal, 50% of its industrial capacity, 30% of its population, and a six billion mark reparation payment. A couple of months later, Germany forced the Treaty of Bucharest on Romania, which was an annexation in all but name. It gave Germany total control over all of Romania’s oil and agriculture.

Germany had conquered a vast empire in the east. The problem remained in the west. It was a serious problem. Germany had been stretched to the breaking point and could not go on much longer. Its people were on the brink of starvation, its economy lay in ruins, and revolution threatened to break out at any moment. It needed a victory in the west and needed it quickly, while it had numerical superiority, and before the Americans could arrive in force. If not, Germany would be overwhelmed at the front and thrown into chaos at home.

The Germans took their only chance. On March 21st, 1918, after transferring 44 of its best divisions from the east, they launched their offensive, the Kaiserschlacht. It was immediately successful. On the first day, the Germans smashed through Allied lines after firing over 1.1 million shells in a little over four hours. They made rapid gains, erasing years of results the Allies had won at the cost of hundreds of thousands of men.

The accounts of the time speak as to how successful the attacks were. Here’s one from a South African private in the British army:

That was the first moment that I was frightened, really frightened, because the orders came along, ‘This position must be held at all costs until the last man.’ Well, you’ve got to be in that situation to understand what it means. I was only nineteen, I’d only been [in] France a little over a month, and I thought I was going to be killed. I had a sinking feeling in my tummy. Everybody was thinking, ‘How on earth can we hold this position? It’s impossible!’ That was on the night of the 22nd.

Despair crept in as the Germans surged forward. Yet, behind this imposing show of strength, there were the weaknesses which we saw earlier. The Germans were desperate. This was their last roll of the dice to win the war. If they failed in the spring of 1918, it was all over.

To make matters worse, the architect of the Kaiserschlacht, Erich Ludendorff, didn’t know what he was doing. He had no real operational objective for the offensive. The Kaiserschlacht started as a general advance simply meant to push the Allies back.

These few months on the Western Front were brutal. Yet, the Allies held. The Americans arrived. In July, the last German offensives got thrown back. In the summer, the Allies launched a full-blown counteroffensive, and Germany collapsed rapidly thereafter.

Such is our situation.

2022: Dangerous, but triumphant

The next few months will be brutal. Like the Germans in 1918, our enemy still has a lot of power, but is desperate. In America, at least, it knows it is not long for this world. The Brandon administration is simply too incompetent and unconvincing. Democrats know they won’t get a unified government again for at least a decade, maybe even more, depending on how Republicans use the power they’re about to get.

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You can also feel the energy on covid hysteria starting to shift, too. Have you noticed this in the past couple of weeks? Have you seen the slow admission (sometimes openly, sometimes barely concealed) that covid is here to stay and can’t be eliminated? This confession – that transmission can’t be stopped – undermines the central justification for the biomedical security state, which is all about “stopping” or “slowing transmission.” Notice the NFL and NBA’s decision to no longer test healthy players (too many games were being cancelled). Corporate media is also slowly, but surely, starting to change its narrative, too. It has admitted that everyone will get covid at some point. It has been telling its propagandized leftist audience not to feel guilty for it (undermining the “moral calling” this segment of the population has about preventing infection). Even the Brandon Administration started to take baby steps in this direction over the last week. Most of all, people are out and about, packing events and no longer scared. They are enjoying the Holidays.

The sudden combination of three factors is likely responsible for this shift:

  1. The rise of the omicron variant, which is so contagious that even the idea of containment is pointless. Fortunately, it is also now indisputably much less dangerous, with anywhere between 50 and 90% less lethality than its predecessors. This is partially because of pre-existing immunity, and partially because the mutations in omicron make it less capable of infecting important cells. In other words, Sars-Cov-2 is going the way of all other pandemic viruses throughout history, including the Spanish Flu (which is still around), and at least one of the other four seasonal coronaviruses.
  2. Big breakouts in places with near-100% vaccination rates, like college campuses, which are also probably the most mask compliant places on planet Earth. In other words, these “mitigations” indisputably don’t work, and vaccines can at best only partially prevent transmission.
  3. The certain political death that this will bring. Though some figures in the Democratic Party seem incapable of calculating self-interest (which makes them particularly dangerous), others are. This division will cause pressure to “end the pandemic.” Indeed, there are some divisions in the White House at this moment.

Despite this shift in energy on covid, however, we still see more mandates, and insanity in certain localities. We still see panic over “cases.” We still see school closures. This is where the idea of the Kaiserschlacht comes in.

Kaiserschlhact meme 1918
Don’t you trust “the science?”

Make no mistake. For the covidian variant of wokeness in particular, this is its final offensive. It will be brutal for the next few months, but like Germany in 1918, the covidians can no longer win the war. Like Ludendorff, they don’t even have any real operational objectives for their offensive, making them even less credible in what they’re doing. The covidian variant will reach local extinction in America at some point before 2024. I hope the rest of the world is as fortunate.

We also still see further drives to extend all of the usual woke agenda. Their desperation drives them on. They will do damage. They will make some gains that will be hard to reverse. However, they will be broken this year, maybe decisively. Again, it depends on what Republicans do with their power and how rapidly they can consolidate their new coalition.

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So, remember this as they make their advances in the first half of the year. We’re in the spring of 1918 phase of the war. It’s going to be hard, but grit your teeth and dig in. Reinforcements are on the way.

See you in 2022. Big stuff is coming from me.

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