What to Expect From Me in 2023

A new year brings new possibilities. New Years’ resolutions don’t work, but you should begin each year imagining where you want to be at the end of that year, and actively so. Don’t just dream about vague accomplishments (that is a mistake I often still make). Think of a specific YOU that you want to be at the end of the year and then accomplish something small every day, preferably something that requires little or no willpower, to make that happen. Experiment with different times and different places that best suit the work that pushes you further to that end.

My vision for myself this year is a lot clearer and departs from some of the things I’ve done before. Namely, I’m going to be focusing a lot more on education and original fiction, and in many more formats than this blog and my social media feeds.

Publishing / Original Fiction

I’ll be publishing my stories, not just on Amazon, but on platforms like Webtoon, Tapas, Royal Road, etc. These platforms have huge userbases.

The Fall of the Fated Queen is now finished and you can read the final chapter drafts on Patreon here and here. Once through the beta reader phase and some final touches, my plan is to publish it as a webnovel.

The Fall of the Fated Queen is the first in a series of five prequels set in the generation before my major novel, helping to set the stage for the events there. It marks my maturity as a writer in its themes, presentation, and the new things I’ve done I didn’t think I could do before (such as poetry). It’s also only the first in the sci-fi world I’ve created. You can expect many more parts of that series to come out this year and from now on.

The Fall of the Fated Queen is now in its beta form. When the final touches are put in place, it will be serialized for free on Royal Road.

This is important, so please keep reading.

After doing some research, Royal Road seems like the best place for sci-fi and fantasy authors to get better-known for their work.

My account is JMCarpenter. I don’t have anything up there yet, but if you support my work, please create an account there (it’s free and they won’t pester your inbox), follow me, and rate/review my chapters when they’re released. Getting good reviews and ratings in a short time is the best way for an author to get on the “rising stars” list. So please help me out when the time comes!

Please Sign on and follow my Royal Road account by clicking this link: JM Carpenter

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The Fall of the Fated Queen will also be released as an ebook and physical book and will be available on Patreon. If you want the whole thing at once, you can read it that way when the time comes.

The other smaller stories in my sci-fi universe will probably be released the same way. I’m in the concept phase for two of them now. There is another story whose concept is very far advanced: a sci-fi/cyberpunk horror story set centuries before The Fall of the Fated Queen (which mentions its protagonist in passing), it will show us that just because human beings can do something doesn’t mean that they should. I would like to publish this as a comic, but I can’t do the art. So stay tuned.

Here’s something you might find interesting (because it is a potential opportunity for you as well): authors who have organic success on these platforms often have their work adapted for other media like TV, anime, and movies, because networks are starved for content. Competition is understandably fierce, though. So will you follow my accounts and help me to rank on the platforms when the stories get published?

If you support my work, please help me out by following me and subscribing to my publications (a high view-to-subscriber ratio is a key metric these platforms use to determine which authors have the most opportunities). All you need to do is create an account for free, subscribe to my stories, and follow my updates. If you already like my work, this is the best way to support it, and I need your help. You’ll enjoy what I’m creating for you.

This Blog’s Direction

This blog will be updated less frequently. Expect updates maybe every 2-3 weeks depending on my energy and schedule. The blog posts will be higher in quality though. I will mostly be focusing on historical, educational, and lifestyle content.

You may or may not have noticed that certain posts are disappearing. That’s because I have been and will be deleting most of the politics-related posts on this blog. I’ll keep the better ones, such as my commentary on the 2016 election (I think this blog has actually become a great reference for that), but the low-hanging fruit is going.

Everyone is sick of politics. All it does is needlessly alienate audiences. Besides, if you want to build social capital and actually take back institutional and cultural power, politics can’t be part of it. Why is mainstream entertainment so bad? Why did Rings of Power flop so badly? Why is Disney struggling? It’s all partially because these companies insist on bringing their politics into their art. I don’t want to do that.

I’ll be focusing primarily on my educational and fictional work. This blog will reflect that focus.

If I choose to write about politics, you can find more intelligent commentary at Polybius Report. But I’m done writing low-quality trollish articles just to fill a weekly quota. All of those are going.

Makie Wicked City
Mackie from Wicked City. I just needed a good image and thought this one was cool.


I’ve revamped my Patreon.

In the $2 a month tier, you’ll get much more rapid communication with me, including some shoutouts and joining me on movie/TV streams and probably a Discord in the near future. There, you can get instant answers to educational topics, give me direct feedback on my fictional series and get advanced hints of what’s coming next. You’ll also be able to chat with the other most enthusiastic supporters of my work and just watch cool shit with them. Consider it a “Master Mind” group from Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich.

In the $5 tier, you will access the full collection of my educational materials. My detailed study guides and my Critical Battles Serial are not only ideal for students, but for those who need quick and easy access to a lot of information to make good content. I present these materials in ways designed to be easy for you to remember. The bibiliographies are also small libraries in themselves. All of my educational books are also available at this tier, including Stumped and Lives of the Luminaries.

The first detailed study guide, on the origins of the American Civil War, will be available to all. That will be coming in a couple of weeks at the most.

In the $10 tier, you’ll get all of my original fiction material, including drafts of new material and completed chapters before they’re published. These include the draft chapters to things like The Fall of the Fated Queen as well as the completed book.

Your support on Patreon will allow me to create the content you crave on a much more consistent basis. I know you understand that we are in the midst of a dark age in mainstream Western entertainment. However, if you want better stuff, thriving independent creators depend on devoted supporters. I hope you become one of mine.

My Patreon page is here.

Hire Me

The Hire Me page has gotten a revamp. I’m offering a lot more there now, with more to come. Check it out.

If you want me to write blog posts, study guides, or video scripts for you, email me at libertas@masculineepic.com or capenter@fordham.edu and we’ll talk business. As a sample, here’s one of the video scripts I’ve written. You can find out more about this on the Hire Me page.


And there might be more to come, including returning to YouTube, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. I’m excited about the new direction. You will be, too.

Please do not forget to follow me on Royal Road. This is extremely important. If you enjoy my work, you’re going to get the best of it there and help me out a lot. The Fall of the Fated Queen and other stories are coming shortly.

Here’s my account there again. Please follow it at this link.

More to come soon. The next post will be Civil War-related to go with the coming study guide.

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