Some Announcements

You might have noticed I haven’t been posting much to this blog anymore. There are many reasons for that, but for now I’ll just say I’ve been busy. Aside from my usual work, what have I been up to?


I’m going to rebrand the email list. It won’t any longer be based on promoting content for this site. Instead, it will be a weekly sharing of wisdom based on my experiences, philosophy, psychology, and art. Consider it a ~1,000 primer, more intimate and impactful than these posts.

They will be sent every Sunday. This week’s theme will be on enduring suffering and misfortune, with Homer as our guide.

To sign up for them, click here. You’ll get some free stuff too.

It’s also a preview of the longer podcasts that I’ve begun doing. More on that now.


I’ve launched a new semi-recurring podcast.

The first episode is about how Donald Trump’s character failures ensure he will never be truly successful or happy, and what the route to true success and happiness is.

The second is inspired by Tolkien. It’s about the rise and fall of the greatest civilization of men in Tolkien’s world, the cyclical theory of history, and whether we resemble this culture he wrote about.

Episode three will come in a couple of weeks and be about overcoming unconscious narcissism.

Episode four will be about the theme we’ll talk about on the email this week.

When I get to 20 Patreon supporters, the podcast will go weekly. If you sign up, you’ll get the full archive of all the podcasts and the emails you might have missed. If you listen and find value in them, consider signing up.

Click here for my Patreon page. At least bookmark it, because other things will be coming there.

Basic Cosmology Study Guide

If you think this post was interesting, I’ll have a much more detailed expansion coming to Patreon at the Journeyman tier sometime in May.

More will be coming after that, on topics as varied as the myth and reality of the Trojan War to energy issues.

As a preview of the sort of content you can expect in these study guides, the first one, on the origin of the Civil War, is available here for free.

The Fall of the Fated Queen

My first work of fiction and the first in my cyberpunk series, it will be out this summer. I’m aiming for a July 4th weekend release.

At the hero tier on Patreon, you can access the alpha chapters of The Fall of the Fated Queen, but these are very much rough drafts and far from the final version.

You will get the full book on Patreon for a much lower price than you would pay on Amazon.

More details as we get closer to its release, but for now, join my email list and at least bookmark my Patreon.

Final Word

To be honest, this blog is probably in its dying days, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

Just make sure to stay in touch on email, Patreon, and my social media.

Follow me on Twitter here and Pinterest here.

There is also my Facebook page, but I don’t update it anymore. That platform is beyond dead.

Enjoy tomorrow’s email message!

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