I’m Back

Have you missed me? If you did, read on. I’ll tell you what’s coming down the pike and what things will look like here from now on.

But first, a truth.

Ultra Instinct Goku

I was planning on closing the site. Let’s just say this year has been a big priority and lifestyle shift for me, one which is still far from complete. Other things became much more important, and the loss of a lot of Google traffic solidified my motivation to close the site. Why work if you’re not getting rewarded for it, right? I also no longer liked the name of this site. Although I thought it conveyed the mission well and is memorable, it’s also too reminiscent of some of the weird male spaces on the internet. I must admit this.

I’ve also been focusing on much more important writing than for this blog. Writing for work. Writing my cyberpunk stories (my Patreon page will be mostly about those at some point). And so on. But that was also the first reason why I didn’t delete the blog. It would be stupid to take down an archive of years’ worth of work with no replacement.

I’ve also just been doing other things I needed to do. I’ll talk about that later if it’s relevant.

So what will we be focusing on this blog from now on?

First, one of the reasons I decided to stay was because men need good sources of content. Men’s struggles, whether with loneliness, educational achievement, career prospects, and so on, are getting worse. If you say you haven’t struggled at least a little with some of these things, you’re probably lying. What’s worse, much of the “advice” out there either does not empathize with these struggles or actively belittles men for trying to make themselves better. That in turn, puts too many men into negative communities that do nothing to help them. Through the years I’ve built a small but dedicated audience here and I didn’t want to abandon my readers.

I want to create more helpful content here. So I’ll be focusing on historical, cultural, and practical lifestyle posts. I realized that a lot of the content here was too negative. That helps nobody. Although my political posts were popular, I have since realized they were just part of the outrage machine. I was being no better than the social media algorithms or cable news talking heads I hated. You didn’t need that from me because you got it everywhere else anyway.

And quite frankly a lot of what I wrote was nonsense. So I’m going to delete it. That part of my life is behind me. You can still see some political commentary on my Twitter (X?), but that’s because it’s low-hanging fruit that requires no effort to get the same reward. For more professional commentary, try my substacks Polybius Report and Cyberpunk Idiocracy Reader, but those are low priorities for me. I will let you know whenever they update.

I want to talk about the harder things, the things that actually do better for everyone.

Because of that and because I’m busier now than I used to be, updates will be staggered. But the posts I do make will be a lot better.

Some coming posts include:

1. The Three Motivations of a Noble Man

2. How MMA Training Made My Life More Positive

3. How to Stop Having 0% Days (or something like that)

4. What I Learned from Doing My First Obstacle Course Race

There will also be posts about the things you should and shouldn’t have in your life and reviews of William Gibson’s Sprawl Series and Quintus Curtius’ translation of On the Nature of the Gods, which I got a couple of days ago.

I think you get the idea.

I also finally made an active Instagram. You can follow me on there. There will be a post about the value of Instagram that I was neglecting.

So I think that should explain why I haven’t been around and what I intend to do going forward on this, the 8th anniversary of the blog.

I’ll see you soon.

– JM

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