Thanks for taking the time to stop by The Masculine Epic. I appreciate it.

I go by the name Libertas here and publish under the name J.M. Carpenter. The bulk of my work on this blog covers…

  1. Masculine philosophy, lifestyle, and cultural expression.
  2. Persuasion and influence.
  3. The impact of character and charisma on history and fate.
  4. The identification and pursuit of glory.
  5. The interaction of all of these things with contemporary education and pop culture.

I’m based in New York City, a born-and-raised native. I have previously worked in the city and state’s politics, such as with elected officials and in the non-profit sector. I graduated Fordham University (Class of 2011) in political science, with a philosophy minor.

In other fields, I’m a licensed real estate salesperson in the state of New York, and can tell you what you need to know about living in New York City.

I currently have two published works.

  1. Stumped: How Trump Triumphed
  2. Lives of the Luminaries

My purpose here is to help the students and young adults (particularly the neglected young men of today), succeed in their academic, career, and lifestyle pursuits. To do this, I aim to bring not only knowledge about how to succeed, but the wisdom which makes such success durable.

In your own search for True Glory, I’ll be there, and hopefully you’ll be there for me.