I have published two books. Detailed descriptions of each can be found by clicking the link in their respective headers.

1. Lives of the Luminaries

Published in the fall of 2020, Lives of the Luminaries is a collection of essays on historical figures. Ranging from ancient Egypt to our own time, each essay focuses on the character traits and choices which led to a certain individual’s fate and influence on history. The aim is to offer the reader valuable insights on character and decision-making and thereby secure for him a better fate. The print version is available at Amazon at this link and the ebook is available at my Payhip store, Nook, and Patreon.

2. Stumped: How Trump Triumphed

Published in the spring of 2016, Stumped: How Trump Triumphed is neither a tome of effusive praise or hysterical criticism of America’s 45th president. Rather, it is a two-part, objective examination of the 2016 Trump phenomenon which accurately predicted his election victory. The first deals with Trump’s campaign style and methods of persuasion. The second deals with the historical and contemporary political context of Trump’s rise. Even though parts of it are outdated, the core parts remain relevant. Stumped is available in ebook and print format on Amazon at this link.