The Masculine Epic is for those who wish to transcend the limits of their humdrum mortality.

Why the word Epic?

The epic is the story, derivative from Homer.

Why the word masculine?

The essence of masculinity is the lifestyle of the Homeric quest – the struggle for kleos: everlasting fame and renown.

The Masculine Epic invites you to ask this question: what will others hear about you, especially when you’re gone?

For most, the answer is to be buried under a headstone that no one reads, to get lost in crisscrossing rows of graves that people drive by on the highway.

That is not the fate we want. We will not walk aimlessly into an anonymous grave.

The Masculine Epic is a challenge for you to write your own epic: a story worth sharing, worth singing, worth showing.

To do that, you must become a hero: “he who is worthy.” Those who are worthy will take the spoils.

The Masculine Epic is only for those who are worthy, who seek to take the spoils, who seek to conquer obstacles, to dominate their era. It’s a place to find the talents, skills, systems, and mental conditioning to make your name immortal. It’s a place to associate with the great ones that came before you, and the great ones living with you now.

You want to be immortal, to have your name on the lips of endless generations.

Now’s your chance.

Welcome to the Masculine Epic.

Achilles Masculine Epic