I began the Masculine Epic in 2015. I was 27 years old at the time and, Homer enthusiast that I am and always have been, decided on a title that alluded to epic poetry and deeds. Like the heroes beneath the walls of Troy, the challenge in life was to accomplish feats that would make your name live in the memories of the countless generations yet to be. This quest for “kleos” – undying glory, everlasting renown, was and still is at the heart of masculine identity, which is how the blog got its name.

The word “hero” originally meant “he who is worthy.” Those who are worthy will take the spoils. So be worthy. That means not only acting with skill and determination, but under the guidance of the virtues, such as wisdom, justice, temperance, and courage. To quote Sallust:

Glory derived from riches and appearances is transitory and brittle, but masculine virtue is pure and eternal.

Truth be told, if I were creating this site today, I’d choose a different name. But it’s one you remember, isn’t it?

This blog’s title was meant to provoke you into thinking better thoughts and, therefore, doing better things. That’s still what I aim to do here, although the content has changed as the blog has matured.

I’m here to educate through the knowledge and wisdom of the past, entertain through uplifting fiction that helps you connect with the best parts of human nature, and most importantly, impart the virtues and build resilient characters. Most of these values have been neglected. I hope through me you can find some of the stories and lessons you didn’t find in school.

Call me your tutor, your advertising man, and your bard.

Historical articles are common here. In these, we explore not only the careers of our subjects, but try to figure out their character traits and decision-making processes, the things that made them do what they did. I have a compilation book about this called Lives of the Luminaries.

Articles about persuasion and the psychology of influence are also common here. Without that, you won’t have the traits that you’ll need to succeed.

My original fiction began with The Fall of the Fated Queen. You can read about that here.

You can find more about me here and about my services at the “hire me” page.


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