What were you thinking when you heard that Donald Trump announced he was running for president? Whatever it was, your next thought was likely that he didn’t have much of a chance. That’s what most people thought, anyway.

17 months later, the electoral map was a sea of red and reliably blue states abandoned the Democratic Party in droves. Why?

To find the answer that eluded so many seemingly smart people, you first have to change the way you see the world.

For most people, the world is governed by hard reason, with man, the rational animal, at its center. But all the fact checkers agreed Trump was way off, if not completely full of it. That didn’t stop him. After this, Trump’s bitterest detractors tend to fall back on bigotry to explain his victory, but how then do they explain the hundreds of counties and 6 states that previously voted for President Obama? Something else is at work, something far deeper in the psyche that Presidents Obama and Trump both know how to touch. In fact, most presidents do, which was why they became president in the first place.

Behavioral economists and master marketers have long understood something essential about our world: most human decision-making isn’t guided by reason or respect for the facts. Instead, our decisions are guided primarily by emotions and cognitive biases that we are all subject to. Reason is only the fig leaf we use to explain why we make our decisions after the fact. In fact, this fig leaf is itself a result of one of our cognitive biases – our need to feel consistent with things we do and believe.

The thesis of Stumped – one of the microscopically few books to predict Trump’s victory months before the election, is that the candidate that can best communicate with our emotions and cognitive biases, in simpler terms, the better persuader, wins the election. And it is this quality in which Trump shined so brightly while Hillary Clinton was almost pitch black. It’s also the thing that almost all the pundits missed.

In Stumped, you’ll dive deep into this contrast and find out:

– How Trump became so compelling by using the proven machinery of psychological influence which demands attention and action.
– How optimal persuasion for a mass audience requires you to tap into the spirit of your times and how Donald Trump crafted his message perfectly for the 2016 election.
– The historical and psychological predictors of electoral success that were on Trump’s side all along.

And of course, you’ll uncover the real treasure – how you can use these patterns to become more persuasive yourself. Now, I don’t know how exactly how you’ll want to use the people skills you’ll get in Stumped, but after reading it, your vision of mankind will never be the same, and whether you want to boost sales, want a better shot with the hottie walking by, or want to run for office yourself, you’ll have the tools you need to act on your desires…and win bigly.

Stumped: How Trump Triumphed
“A keen analysis of how Trump won.” – Quintus Curtius