The Kleos Podcast is all about the mindset, vision, action and tools to use for you to become a man worthy of a state of kleos (everlasting fame and renown), a state where your name will live in the minds and be heard in the ears of posterity in all the centuries yet to be. Our goal is True Glory and nothing less.

The premier episode of the Kleos Podcast comes on Donald Trump’s inauguration eve.

I’ve written and spoke about Donald Trump for over a year. Yet, there is far more to say still. He is a man that embodies the lifestyle of one worthy of kleos. Because Donald Trump embodies this lifestyle and state of mind, we can predict how he’ll approach his Presidency, but this podcast has no political bullshit.

This episode covers:

1. A brief overview of kleos (everlasting glory or renown).
2. Trump’s vision of kleos and his willingness to accept conflict being the key to his success (even more so than his persuasive powers).
3. Historical parallels in the person of Julius Caesar.
4. The mistakes Barack Obama made as president.
5. Breaking the rules and what it means for the new president compared to his predecessor.

Episode 2 of the Kleos Podcast is about the concept and history of Kleos itself, tying it up with a modern and a cosmic interpretation.

In this episode you will learn…

  1. The origination of Kleos in Mycenaean Greece and carried through time by Homer.
  2. What it meant to the heroes of the Iliad and Odyssey.
  3. What it means to you – and the challenge you face to not be a nameless dead person in the ground.
  4. A cosmic, universal perspective that ties into the concept and your own life.